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New Recreation Therapist Embraces Residents’ Love of Bingo

Posted on September 23rd, 2020

It’s a good thing Sweetgrass's new Recreation Therapist (RT) enjoys bingo because it’s the residents’ favourite group activity. Bobbi Grover-Emes has just begun her position and is thrilled with residents’ enthusiasm for the game.

Residents Love Their Bingo!

“Residents love their Bingo!” says Bobbi. “Some play as many as eight cards at a time. In fact, a few times in the past week, there were so many participants, activity leaders ran out of cards.”

The Winner Receives a Huge Round of Applause

Bingo at Sweetgrass isn’t just about the game. “Typically, game time is accompanied by old-time music and prizes for individual games,” Bobbi says. “Prizes are the highlight of the event and the winner receives a huge round of applause. Following the games, residents linger over coffee, tea, and snacks. They love the cherry pies, fruit and other snacks prepared by our lovely kitchen care partners.”

“It’s a great way for residents to get out, be active and socialize with friends. Not to mention the physical benefits of hand-eye coordination in playing the game, and the muscle-skeletal benefits of walking to and from the game two afternoons a week.”

Existing Relationships with Residents

A graduate of the Recreation and Leisure Studies program at the University of Alberta, Bobbi brings a love of play to her new position. She knows most of the residents from her time as a program coordinator with the Town of Slave Lake and as a reporter with the local newspaper.

After six years away, she, her husband, and their five children have just returned, and she couldn’t be happier with her position as Sweetgrass's first Recreation Therapist in over 2 years. “I love these people,” she says. “They’re great. I’m having so much fun. A person shouldn’t even get paid to do this!”

Photo: Residents enjoy an afternoon of bingo at Sweetgrass.