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Poured Paint Pieces Sparkle with Residents’ Creativity

Posted on February 9th, 2021

By Barbara Sutherland

Residents at Sweetgrass recently got to make their own unique pieces of art based on colourful canvases created and donated by a local artist. The canvases had been covered using the ‘paint pouring’ technique which creates a rich marbling effect of blended hues and shades. Residents got to add their own bit of sparkle.

“Local artist Carol Maitland donated these pieces for residents to use,” says Recreation Therapist Bobbi-Jo Grover-Emes. “She says she’d love to come in person and lead a paint pouring art session with residents once COVID is over. It is a technique involving upending jars of paint on a canvas and using the ebb and flow of the paint to create a unique piece of art. Once the work is completed, each art enthusiast will view a different creation within the artwork.”

“Our residents used this perspective to add adornment to each work; the finishing touch to create an individualized masterpiece to put on the wall of the resident’s room,” says Bobbi-Jo. “Some of the residents chose to put two pieces together or simply to add a small amount of decoration to complete the piece. These pieces are great ‘art therapy’ and help bring personalized art and colour into residents’ rooms.”

Photo: Sweetgrass resident Linda Cooper introduced an outer space theme to her poured paint canvas donated by local artist Carol Maitland.